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Brandon Storage Center

About Us

Brandon Storage Center is about modernizing storage, raising the bar for your expectations from a storage property. Standardized climate control, vehicle parking, supplies, and truck rentals. All of these features are an extension of our core goal of providing you with everything you could need for an excellent storage experience under one roof. Many companies would walk the line between being ‘too’ modern and offering bells and whistles they may think are excessive. Our goal is not to overwhelm our customers, but to provide them a variety of options so they can choose the solution that works best for their particular needs.

Everyone has different needs, whether you’re a college student looking for a place to keep some things that will not fit in your new apartment, or a local business looking to rent out a significant amount of space for a long time to come. These two kinds of customers are just about as far apart as you can get, but they both need specific sizes of units, specific amenities, and neither of them want to feel like they are getting a bad deal. That is what makes standardization of amenities important, providing them to everyone for reasonable rates. You no longer have to choose between quality and cost, you simply get both in one effective package.

Modernization should be about taking advantage of improvements in technology, and that is why we also offer exceptional online features, like our full clickandStor suite. You can reserve, rent, and pay for your new unit entirely online, then be moved in on the same day. 24/7 access to your units allows you to place your convenience above all else, and we do have office hours every day of the week if you need to ask us for a hand. We hope we can raise your expectations, and then we will be happy to exceed them.

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