Locally Owned and Operated
Brandon Storage Center

Vehicle Storage

Convenient storage for your truck, car, RV, or other vehicle is only a click away. Brandon Storage Center has plenty of parking space for even oversized vehicles to be kept on our property, with or without renting one of our units. We know your vehicles are important to you, and will happily care for personal as well as professional vehicles for as long as you need us to. They will be kept safe and secure on our property, but you will have the same 24/7 access to them as you would any of our spaces, so you can always come and pick them up.

Recreational vehicles, boats, campers, trailers, and any other form of ‘fun’ vehicle can often be a source of great personal freedom and relaxation, but where do you keep them when you are not on vacation? We can provide the answer to that question with one of our parking spaces, allowing you to free up space at home. These vehicles often end up in sheds, driveways, garages, or even just in your yard. None of these locations are ideal for the storage of large vehicles which can often impede your ability to use those spaces for anything else. Maybe you park on the street because your trailer takes up your driveway. Perhaps the boat in your garage takes up enough space that you can no longer keep anything else in your garage without burying your boat. No matter the issue, we are happy to assist.

RV & Boat Storage

Professionally, you may be self-employed but require occasional use of a van or specialized truck for work purposes. These vehicles are too cumbersome for day to day use as a commuting vehicle or a trip to the grocery store, but you still need them, just not every day. This kind of situation is ideal for our 24/7 access parking spaces, which allow you to pick your vehicle up when it is most convenient for you. Whether you need to pick your vehicle up a day ahead, or want to stop by at four in the morning, your parking space is yours, and you will have full access to it.

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